Dreams and Nightmares 
It was fifty years ago today that Martin Luther King shared a dream with the world. Since the day will be filled with though-provoking observations made by untold numbers of insightful people, let's look at something else that happened fifty years ago today. It the sort of nightmare that may have fueled Dr. King's dreams.

Emily Hoffert and Janice Wylie were murdered in their apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In time, George Whitmore, Jr. would come to be charged with the murders, as well as another murder and an assault. NYPD had his torn coat and a button that the assault victim had torn from her attacker's coat. They also had an FBI report that said the two didn't match, but since that information wasn't needed for a conviction, they didn't bother sharing it. They even had a confession from from Whitmore for the Hoffert and Wylie murders, although Whitmore also stated, "Every time I denied I'd done any of those things, they'd punch me in the back or chest. They beat on me whenever I said no."

It should be no surprise that the case against Whitmore eventually fell apart. Especially after a police informant ratted out the person who actually committed the Hoffert and Wylie murders. At the same time, there may be no surprise at the revelation that George Whitmore, Jr. was African-American.

It's worth noting that one of the reasons the case against Whitmore for the Hoffert and Wylie murders fell apart was that multiple witnesses placed him miles away from the killings at the time they took place. Whitmore, it seems, was watching a television broadcast of a speech taking place in Washington, DC.

And the speaker had a dream.


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