Taking Care of Business

I work for Simplix, an electronic data interchange (EDI) company in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Our company helps businesses sell things to the federal government. We help companies get on-line, assist them in setting up search profiles that allow them to see the Requests For Quotes (RFQs) that matter to their business, and allow them to bid on those contracts.

Remember the story of the $600 hammer? Simplix was formed to put an end to that sort of waste and abuse. So far, we can proudly claim that we've brought the cost of that hammer down to $15. Furthermore, we've forced the federal government to find newer, more creative ways to waste money.

Other Business

I've been tinkering with computers for a long time. (I got my first e-mail address when I was 18 years old. That was . . . a while ago.) As a result of my interests and a desire to help friends stay in touch, I started allowing other people to use my computer as a message board. Next thing I knew, I'd become an Internet service provider.

I administer the mystery.com network (electronic discussion lists and newletters, web sites, and e-mail services) as well as managing the Internet presences of several organizations. My network also plays host to several other domains, such as myreunion.org (a site for organizing class reunions and family reunions) and helou.org (for the use of various family members).

The Band

I'm a percussionist with the Farmington Community Band. I'm also their webmaster and equipment manager. It's a good band -- if you haven't heard us play, stop by our web site and listen of some of our audio samples.

To be honest, my music interests deserve a page of their own.


I publish Poor Gabriel's Almanac, attend science fiction conventions, cook, go to the theatre, hang out with fun and interesting people, go to concerts ... I generally have have a good time.


I don't spend enough time doing this. One of these days, I will put the house back together.