The FCB - The Farmington Community Band includes several performing ensembles:

As a percussionist, I manage to play with the Concert Band, the Big Band, the Dixieland Ramblers, and the Construction Crew. I also dabble in tuba and euphonium and have played tuba with the Concert Band at times when we've had too many percussionists sitting around with nothing to do. At some point, I'd like to play euphonium with one of the brass ensembles. And possibly some trombone.

TubaChristmas - TubaChristmas is a series of concerts that take place in cities around the world, featuring Christmas carols played by instuments in the tuba family. It's a chance for tuba and euphonium players - normally confined to the back row of bands and limited to playing less-noticed parts - to show off what they can do when put front and center. Dates and locations are picked; tuba and euphonium players then show up, practice together for a couple hours, break for a little while, and play a concert.

It's a lot of fun and I try to play three or four concerts each season. It's good to be reminded that I can play an instrument without having to hit it.


This is fairly simple - I listen to almost everything. Rap, classical, jazz, Celtic, folk, techno ... I like music.


I've started writing again. Nothing major, but a few things just for fun.

Salvation is Created (2011) - This was the last sacred work by Pavel Tschesnokoff before the Soviet government directed his efforts elsewhere. The FCB has played a concert band arrangement of this several times and it's always been well received. More commonly, the piece is performed as an all-male chorus work. It's easy to see why; deeper voices give the tune an especially solumn sound. In keeping with that feel, this transcription is written for a 4-part tuba/euphonium choir.