Beneath the Sheltering Pines 
As Michigan's camping season winds down, European industrialist Johann Borlase finds time to go camping on the shore of Lake Huron. Arriving mid-day this past Thursday, he found a well-ordered encampment organized to his exacting specifications.

"The park only allows us two tents per camp site," explained William Phillip, aide to Mr. Borlase. "We manage to get a block of six sites that allows us to place Mr. Borlase's tent in the center and those of his entourage around the periphery. We're entitle to put up six tents, but we only set up nine. It's all quite subdued."

Not all campers are happy with having one of the world's richest men sharing a campground. "When [Borlase] goes to the men's room or the shower," complains Billy Barker, who comes here every year, "he has eight or nine guys going with him. And he's the only one allowed in the showers while he's in there. It fouls things up for the rest of us. You know, couldn't he just get a motor home instead? Then he'd have his own facilities. Instead, he's got that eye-sore of a circus tent and a who little village of tents around it. It's ridiculous."

When asked for comment, Phillip pointed out, "Mr. Borlase is on vacation and prefers to break away from the luxuries of his day-to-day life. Sleeping in a tend in a state forest campground helps him to connect with everyday people."

It is rumored that Johann Borlase's humble tent has a wet bar, a hot tub, and a small theatre, but attempts to confirm this have only resulted in a mild tasering.

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