Stopping and Smelling the Coffee 
Owing to a closure on the only divided, limited-access, four-lane highway around here, most area traffic was forced to detour on a less traveled, scenic highway. Motorists who stopped at a local coffee shop were divided in their reactions.

"This has been fun," exclaimed Janine Thomson. "I'd have never found this place if I'd stayed on the interstate. Plus, the trees and stuff -- it's way pretty." When asked if she would consider taking this route again, her face lit up. "Of course I'll take it again. Why would I miss this, now that I know it's here?"

Arthur Burgess was less enthusiastic about the experience. "There's nothing here! There's no Bob Evans, no Cracker Barrel ... there's not even a Starbucks. I mean, the coffee here is okay, but it's not as ... I don't know ... intense? ... as what Starbucks brews. I heard what that lady said about the trees and things, but come on -- driving on this little 'highway' has to be add serious time to my drive. Five minutes? Ten minutes, maybe?"

Despite the sudden influx of customers, the staff at the coffee shop remains calm. "This happens every now and then, when things are messed up over on the main highway," stated Chip Brasser, owner of The Chipped Mug. "50 years ago, this was the main highway, even though it's only two lanes. There are still businesses that manage to get by on the travelers who prefer this route. And when the interstate is messed, we get all these new people. Some of them, the grumpy ones, won't be back. Ones like that lady over there, she's really nice," Brasser commented, pointing to Ms. Thomson, "she'll be back."

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