We Is Us 
Fans of Walt Kelly, born 100 years ago this day, gathered at the Cemetery of the Evergreens in Brooklyn, New York to lay a wreath at his grave. To their frustration, after wandering the cemetery for the better part of four hours, the group finally decided to leave the wreath on the grave of Winsor McCay, creator of "Little Nemo."

"I was sure his grave was around here somewhere," stated James Lewis, organizer of the wreath-laying event. "There's a persistent rumor that we was actually cremated, so perhaps that's why we can't find him."

Lewis went on to point out, "for all we know, he's still alive somewhere, but I doubt it. I mean, how could he still be around and not writing 'Pogo'? With all of the material he'd have to work with, I'm sure he'd writing something about it. Sure, he had some really idiotic politicians back in the day, but they're nothing compared to the source material available today."

Despite high attendance at the wreath-laying event, not everyone is pleased with Kelly's mocking of society's foibles. His wit, suggest some, cut too close to the bone. Lewis claims those who disliked Kelly's social commentaries are merely those who were most deserving of being mocked -- the shifty, the high-and-mighty, and the hapless everyday people who go along with the status quo, never questioning what might be wrong with the world.

"In some ways, it's Kelly's biggest fans that should be annoyed with him for pointing out our shortcomings," mentioned Lewis. "We have met the enmity, and we is us."

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