Septermber Song 
September has always been my favorite month. Perhaps being the month of my birth has something to do with it, but I think there's more than that. There are several things I associate with September that, individually, make me happy. Combined, they make me amazingly relaxed and content.

September really begins in earnest with Labor Day Weekend. Strictly interpreted, this means that September sometimes begins in the last day or two of August. I'm okay with that; as long as I get a three-day weekend out of the deal, all is well.

As a child, the concept of a three-day weekend never meant much to me. It was another part of this thing called "summer vacation", which was a kind of 90-day weekend. If other people wanted to make a big deal out of one particular weekend, that was okay.

I will confess to some degree of interest in Labor Day Weekend when I was a child. It meant two things to me: school would start up again once it was over and the last 21.5 hours of the weekend was the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon. In my youth, Lewis was still at the top of his game; his energy and the enthusiasm of his guests made for a spectacular end to the summer. I'd stay up as late as my parents would allow, then get up early to watch as much as I could of the rest of the telethon. This would be followed by a good night's sleep and a return to school in the morning.

For much of my life, "back to school" was the thing that really got me going in September. I liked school -- I was good at it. Sure, school had its ups and downs and summer vacation was a lot of fun, but by September, I would be missing school and was always glad to be back in class. This feeling persisted through my early adult years. When the evenings were noticeably shorter and the mornings more cool and crisp, I got a feeling that said, "time to go learn things." Even though I'm not in school and haven't been for years, the "time to start again" feeling still sneaks up on me.

Perhaps the most dramatic thing about September is that after Labor Day, the tourists start their 9-month hibernation. Or so it seemed, when I was growing up. I spent a good part of my first 20-odd years, and almost all of my summers, in a resort town. We'd work like crazy to make as much money as we could between Memorial Day and Labor Day, knowing that many of us would have to sustain ourselves on that income for the other 9 months.

I haven't lived in a resort town for many years, but it still seems like everything slows down after Labor Day. Perhaps it's just that students, probably the most energetic segment of the population, have settled back into their routine of being back in school and the overall activity level of society has gone down as a result.

What ever the reason, I've enjoyed September and I'm ready to greet October, with all of its autumnal beauty. The past month has relaxed me. I'm content.

Bring on the colors!

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