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      • Remembering Baron Charteris
        Today marks the 100th anniversary of Martin Michael Charles Charteris, Baron Charteris of Amisfield GCB GCVO QSO OBE PC, who served as private secretary to Elizabeth II of Great Britain. It is fitting that his birth be noted, as he was born on the 380th anniversary of the birth of Elizabeth I. It&

      • Storm Season
        NASA has released a report analyzing the storm that has plagued the planet Saturn since 2010. According to the report, the storm contains measurable quantities of water, making it, in the eyes of some, the larges hurricane in the solar system.

        "This storm is clearly located above my

      • A New and Shining Land
        The government of Tuvalu reacted to todays announcement of the existence of Tamu Massif, the world's largest volcano. Tuvaluan officials are looking into the feasibility of Tamu Massif becoming an a future homeland for the people of the likely-doomed island nation.

        "As you know

      • Just Like Home
        Top scientists have discovered a new Earth-like planet that seems to show signs of life. A joint team of sky watchers from the USA, France, Japan, and Fiji have, until now, kept the exact coordinates of the planet a closely guarded secret until they could verify their observations.


      • And a Hard Rain Will Fall
        Astroclimatologists meeting in Helsinki have proposed a new, combined strategy for addressing the seemingly unrelated issues of global warming and so-called killer asteroids. "We are just going to ignore the asteroids and hope that one of the big ones slams into Siberia," explains Aleksei

      • News of the News
        The news, as we know it, is a never ending thing. We can turn on the TV or look at our mobile devices and find a constant stream of text and talk about what is happening in the world around us. All too often, however, it's the same news we took in ten minutes before. All too rarely, is it ne

      • That Voice
        In a world where "In a world ..." has been used to introduce thousands of movie trailers, one man stood out from the crowd. A man whose voice was cut from stone and whose intonations carried the certainty of doom or glory. Don LaFontaine didn't set out to be "that guy from the

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