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      • Beneath the Sheltering Pines
        As Michigan's camping season winds down, European industrialist Johann Borlase finds time to go camping on the shore of Lake Huron. Arriving mid-day this past Thursday, he found a well-ordered encampment organized to his exacting specifications.

        "The park only allows us two ten

      • Stopping and Smelling the Coffee
        Owing to a closure on the only divided, limited-access, four-lane highway around here, most area traffic was forced to detour on a less traveled, scenic highway. Motorists who stopped at a local coffee shop were divided in their reactions.

        "This has been fun," exclaimed Janine

      • Everybody's A Critic
        Konstantin Altunin's controversial painting of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev has divided critics of modern art. "Look at it! The artist cannot decide if he is an impressionist or a social realist," complains Valsily Renko of Pravda. "The way that slip hangs on Putin is al

      • Dreams and Nightmares
        It was fifty years ago today that Martin Luther King shared a dream with the world. Since the day will be filled with though-provoking observations made by untold numbers of insightful people, let's look at something else that happened fifty years ago today. It the sort of nightmare that may

      • The Spectacular Red Planet
        Ten years ago today, Mars made its closest approach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years, thrilling back yard astronomers and creating a thus far endless series of annual misunderstandings about what Mars is actually doing.

        Apparently, this is not a new problem. As with any astronomical phenom

      • On The Field Of Battle
        As all fans of the Napoleonic Wars are aware, today marks the 200th anniversary of a battle at Liegnitz, Prussia (Legnica, Poland today). The Battle of Katzbach, a lesser-known conflict in the War of the Sixth Coalition might have been avoided if not for Jaqcue MacDonald's French troops and Geb

      • We Is Us
        Fans of Walt Kelly, born 100 years ago this day, gathered at the Cemetery of the Evergreens in Brooklyn, New York to lay a wreath at his grave. To their frustration, after wandering the cemetery for the better part of four hours, the group finally decided to leave the wreath on the grave of Winsor M

      • Chips All Around
        In a display of pagentry celebrating the 160th anniversary of the invention of the potato chip, reenactors converged on Saratoga Springs, New York, birthplace of the ubiquitous snack food. According to legend, Chef George Crum created the snack out of spite, having overcooked and oversalted thinly s

      • The Future Finally Arrives
        The Motor City is abuzz with news from Ford Motor Company -- the 2014 line-up will include the first ever flying car from a major automobile manufacturer. Hailed as major breakthrough by commuters and an unquestionable disaster by leading insurers, the new Ford Falcon is expected to be in showrooms

      • West To Retake Cowl
        To the surprise of many, Adam West (84) has been named to play Batman in an upcoming feature film. West, best known for his portrayal of the iconic crime-fighter in the 1960s, was cited by future "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Slowly" director Joss Whedon as being the one actor who could

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